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vino rosso rebo produzione riserva agritur sandro


For those who love intense and decided flavors we recommend our selection of red wines, which blend perfectly with dishes of meat, game and cheese. Among these we propose Teroldego rotaliano from the cellar of Mezzolombardo. It is an excellent wine, vigorous, powerful, dry, slightly tannic and full-bodied. Ideally paired with cheese, but also with red meat dishes. You can also try Castel San Michele from the cellar of Farming Institute, where it matures for 15 months in small oak barrels. We also recommend Pinot Noir from the cellar of Lavis with its intense and ethereal aroma of berries.

vini speciali trentino cantina agritur sandro


The wine of which we are the most proud of and that is produced from our vines is Rebo. This wine takes its name from Rebo Rigotti (1891-1971), a researcher at the Experimental Station of San Michele, who first created this grape variety around 1920. The Rebo, of a ruby red to deep blue color, was born with purpose of creating the wine that would join the aromas of Trentino Marzemino and Teroldego, and at the same time would be supported on the firm structure of Merlot. Trying it means experiencing a palate of incomparable union of aromas and flavors underlined by a smooth and full taste reminding berries and vanilla.

vino bianco produzione riserva agritur sandro


Ideal for appetizers and aperitifs, and particularly appreciated by ladies are the white wines. We offer a selection of delicate, fresh, aromatic and greenish-yellow in color white wines from the cellar of the Farming Institute of San Michele. Of a delicate herbal scent of nutmeg we have aromatic and refreshing Müller Thurgau. Of a light apple scent, reminding the particularity of the Non Valley, we have Pinot Blanc. Finally, delicately fruity and dry, of fresh and lively scent with hints of pineapple, apples, pears, citrus, caramel, bananas and vanilla we have Chardonnay, a particularly requested and appreciated among the white wines.

garppe speciali agritur sandro


Do you feel like needing a digestif after the dinner? A rich selection of grappas from distillery of Fedrizzi awaits you in our cellar. From the infusion of herbs in the best Trentino grappas are born: grappa di pino mugo (mountain pine) with its intense aroma and resinous flavor; the grappa of alpine herbs with its bitter taste and aroma of wood, and grappa dell’ortica cantino (common nettle) with its deep green color and intense flavor. For connoisseurs and those who enjoy the taste of mountain honey we reccomend grappa miele (honey). It is an elegant liquor, which requires a very accurate elaboration and is produced in limited quantities. Finally, we have grappa invecchiata, a special digestif aged in wooden barrels, particularly appreciated for its harmonious taste and intense flavor.

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